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Free Family Tree Records
Make your family tree with a Free Trial to the world's largest and fastest growing family history community.

Family Tree Chart
Print a four-generation family tree chart.

Family Tree Maker 2005
The no. 1-selling family tree software allows you to create, print and share your family tree in many different styles and formats.

Family Tree Templates
Free printable templates, forms, charts, diagrams and more to help organize your family tree research.

Family Tree Research Terms
Learn the meanings terms and symbols used in making a family tree.
Grow your family tree
n 3 easy steps!
Print Your Free Family Tree Starter Kit
Family Tree Chart: Fill in four generations of your family tree
Search Tips: Learn how to find your ancestors in historical records
Family Group Record: Save information for members of your tree
Correspondence Record: Keep track of people you've contacted
Research Calendar: Record what you have researched and when
Search For Your Ancestors In Historical Records
Searches over 2 billion names in historical records including: Immigration, Birth, Death, Marriage, Military and historical newspapers:
Ancestor's First Name: Ancestor's Last Name:
*Grandparents are a great place to start!

Your Family Tree Search Will Include Results From...

The Ancestry World Tree Database | Top
  Other family historians might have allready completed generations of research for your family tree.
Acces more than 250 million names in user-submitted family trees.
  World's largest online collection of family trees.
  Submit your family tree to recieve help from other family historians.
  Find birth, marriage and death dates as well as other personal information about your family tree members.

U.S. Federal Census Records and Images | Top
  You’re more likely to find ancestors for your family tree in the census than in other historical records.
  Find family tree facts like age, year and place of birth, year of marriage, residence, occupation, value of personal estate and more.
This collection covers the U.S. Federal Census from 1790 through 1930—more than 550 million names.
  View or print actual images of the original, handwritten census from your computer.
  Trace up to six generations of your family tree with more than 140 years of documented history.
  With 12 million images,’s collection is the largest on the Web.
  You might learn if your relatives owned their home or if they were born in another country.

Immigration Records | Top
  Learn the names, ages, and physical characteristics of members of your family tree.
Discover the homeland roots of your femily tree and learn the details of your ancestor's journeys to America.
  Explore more than 10 million names from passenger lists and naturalization records spanning the 1500s to the 1900s.
  Find family facts like age, year and place of birth, year of marriage, residence, occupation, value of personal estate and more.
  View actual ship passenger lists, and learn the names of those who traveled with member of your family tree.
  Every port of arrival in the U.S. and Canada is represented in this collection including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Orleans.
  Passenger lists represent one of the largest and most consistent forms of record keeping for the entire nation.
  Study the histories of various immigrant groups ranging from the Mayflower pilgrims of 1620 to the Irish famine refugees of the 1840s.

Birth, Marriage, Death & Military Records As Well As Local Histories | Top
  Find your family trees' war veterans in our assortment of military service records from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War I.
Discover your immigrant ancestors' homelands and learn the details of their journeys to America.
  Learn about your ancestral hometown through city directories and local town histories.
  Enhance your understanding of the past by reading historical journals, slave narratives and notable biographies.
  If you’re curious about family tree members who may have fought in the Civil War, you can search for their pension records, regimental histories and possibly locate their gravesites.
  Recently deceased members of your family tree are likely to be found in the Social Security Death Index. Learning more about these familiar generations can help you build the foundation for a larger family tree.
  Major events like baptisms, weddings and burials can reconstruct the complete picture of your family tree.
  With land, court and probate records, you can find out if your ancestors owned a home or purchased property.
  Study the histories of various immigrant groups ranging from the Mayflower pilgrims of 1620 to the Irish famine refugees of the 1840s.

Historic Newspapers | Top
  Find specific names and events surrounding your family tree using keyword searches and advanced features like text highlighting.
Browse more than 500 newspapers from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.
  Includes titles dating from 1786 through the late 1900s.
  Learn more about your family tree through legal notices, community events, wedding announcements, births and obituaries.
  Expand your understanding of your family tree by placing your ancestors in the context of daily life.
  Observe changing patterns in dress, arts, politics, religion and technology.
  Get a visual sense of your family tree by viewing the same news stories, photographs and cartoons that your ancestors once enjoyed.

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